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Short-Term Health Insurance

Paying too much for Health Insurance?

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What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

A short-term health insurance plan is another good option for those seeking affordable health insurance. These plans are available for most people up to one year, with the option to extend the plans twice (this can vary – based on what state you live in).

If you’re self-employed, between jobs, or want to lower your premiums, a short-term health insurance plan may be right for you. Highland Health Care provides you access to affordable short-term health insurance plans that tend have lower premiums than many Affordable Care plans.

Keep your doctor

Short term plans offer broad networks and/or allow you to go to the hospital of provider of your choice.

Enroll Anytime

Short term health coverage has no open enrollment period restrictions, so you can apply at anytime.

Next day coverage

Short term health plans are available without a waiting period so in many cases you can use your coverage as early as the next day!

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